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Western Digital Hard Drive Pricing

We are asked all the time which are the best hard drives to use? Since we are a hard drive recovery company we get to see all the major hard drives up close and personal. While there are certainly some hard drives that we see more often, that is more because of their saturation of the marketplace than a particular hard drive failure.

When it comes to storage and hard drive pricing, it usually is reflected in a cost per GB as well as how fast it is. A hard drive that has a large buffer and higher read write speed, will cost more than a hard drive that is slower and has less of a buffer.

Since all hard drive prices are relatively similar, the best deals are usually found either online or in your local computer or office supply superstore.

One of the most popular type of hard drive are external hard drives. Most people use them as backup, but with everyone working with video, pictures and music, the demand for storage has risen. That means people are using external hard drives for storage. This can be dangerous since external hard drives have a tendency to overheat and can get banged around as they are moved.

We have looked at quite a bit of external hard drives. Here is a link to the review of Western Digital MyBook. By far the highest selling external hard drive in the world, the My Book is also pretty inexpensive. If you look at that post, you will see a lot of comments on the page. Most of them are users talking about problems that they have had with their MyBook’s are better than other external hard drives, the fact is there are so many of them out there, that we are bound to see some in here for hard drive recovery. ALL HARD DRIVES FAIL, it is just a matter of when.


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