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What our Clients have to Say

Once again I wanted to thank you for your expertise in getting the data recovered.

– George Zacharia

We have used DTI Data on several hard drive recoveries over the last few years. Each time the service has been prompt and professional. The data recovered has assisted us in getting clients back online with information they had written off as being lost forever.

– Joshua Ayars -

You can say “it is solid efficient and competent work to solve a difficult problem where the data was vital to ongoing research.” I recommend DTI data to anyone with a need to dig into a hard drive and retrieve lost data.”

All the best,

Terry Wright
System Manager
Ohio State University Computer Science

– Terry Wright -

The instructions to package the damaged hard drive were clear and easy to follow. Payment for the data recovery is not expected nor charged until the data is recovered. The recovery service is very quick. The drive was back within a week. I am very satisfied with and would recommend them for hard drive data recovery.

Gary Chee
Senior HEP Utility Engineer
California, Department of Water Resources

Your corporation did a great job with the data recovery, I believe that your pricing for data retrieval was fair and I would use your service again in the future as well as recommend it to other colleagues as well.


Michael LeClair
Supervisor QC Biochemistry
Medarex, Inc.

Microscopic Particles can cause Data Loss

Data recovery is a technically meticulous process. Cleanliness in the clean room where data recovery occurs is vital. Only 3 nano-meters separates the hard drive disk (HDD) from the actuator arm and read/write heads, which may be persistently buffeted by a wind created when the disk, or platter spins as fast as 7200 RPM. A […]

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VMFS File System Recovery

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 VMFS File System Reconstruction (Part 4) In the last three installments we have taken an in depth look at the VMFS file system. As we have seen there are many different components that make up the file system where each component not only does […]

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VMFS File System Reconstruction (Part 3)

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 In the last two sections we covered the coarser portions of the VMFS file system. First we looked at what a volume consists of and the best way to find a volume on a storage device where the file system has been corrupted or […]

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VMFS File System Reconstruction (Part 2)

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 In the first installment of our explanation of rebuilding the VMFS file system from a damaged volume we covered some of the attributes of the volume on disk data structure. In addition to that we reviewed some tools and methods for finding the placement […]

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VMFS File System Reconstruction (Part 1)

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 Recently DTI Data received a challenge in the form of a VMWare ESXi 5.1 server which contained 16 (sixteen) 2 (two) terabyte Seagate ST2000DM001 hard drives. These drives were configured as a RAID 10, 8 (eight) drives for each side of a RAID 0 […]

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File Data Recovery Step by Step

File Data Recovery Guide Problem: A file that you now need has been deleted from your hard drive data on the C drive. Solution: Shut down the computer. It is important not to run the machine anymore. Windows works under the idea that areas of the harddrive that have been used before are used first. […]

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Unable to Rebuild a RAID 5 Array

RAID Configuration: 4 Seagate Barracuda Green 2 TB SATA hard drives (model ST2000DL003) configured as a RAID 5 connected to an on-board Intel RAID controller. Problem with RAID: Because of the nature of Green drives, specifically that they will spin down in low use periods, the array will periodically have a disk report as offline. […]

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SAN Data Recovery – iSCSI RAID 6 Issue

Serial attached SCSI devices have been a high speed blessing to the SAN, NAS, and Enterprise Storage Array class of systems. These devices offer a clear solution for any storage requirement due to capacity and configuration. Whether it is Fiber Channel mounted VMware or iSCSI configured raw data access these devices are undoubtedly a smart […]

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NTFS Master File Table Fixup

Recently DTI Data received an interesting question about the values stored in the Master File Table. The question referenced the value following the magic value of ‘FILE’ in the record. Some of the time the data is an asterisk ‘*’ and other time the data is a zero ‘0’. The person asking the question thought […]

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Toshiba Recovery – Crashed Hard Drive

Common Toshiba Hard Drive Failures All mechanical devices will fail sooner or later. Hard drives fail for various reasons. We will describe what we find to be the most common cause of failure with Toshiba hard drives. In the last decade, the most common failure we have encountered with a Toshiba hard disk has been […]

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