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Tampa Data Recovery Company


Data recovery services Tampa by DTI Data recovery

DTI Data Tampa Data Recovery Service (813)-397-3636

DTI  data recovery Tampa location is fully staffed by our Team weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM as a quick diagnostic and minor repair location. If the malfunctioning hard drive or other media needs our clean room or more sophisticated data recovery services, we will transport it to our lab in St. Petersburg.  Our Clean-Room and full data recovery lab is located St. Petersburg, FL.  Our staff couriers between our Tampa drop off location and our St. Petersburg Lab daily.  We provide this convenience as we know many of our clients do not have time to make the commute from Tampa over the Howard Franklin or Gandy Bridge during rush hour. 

  • Covid-19: We offer free hard drive recovery evaluations over the phone. You will speak directly with one of our data recovery technicians.

Many companies such as Secure Data Recovery, ACE, We Recovery Data have virtual offices throughout Florida. Your drive will be shipped out of state and pay substantially more. You can walk-in to our St. Petersburg lab and meet our data recovery engineers.

If you need data recovery or forensic acquisition on-site our engineers or forensic first response team can be at your facility within an hour.  This is in stark contrast to other national data recovery companies listing virtual offices – sending your drive out of state to their main facility. If you search “Data recovery service near me”. You will find we are the only service with a clean room in the Tampa area.

DTI Data recovery Tampa, FL location offers 24-hour on call data recovery services with an industry high success rate, flat rate pricing and a no-data no-charge policy. If we do not recover your data there is no charge. There are no hidden diagnostic or evaluation fees. We work with all operating systems and all devices including hard drives, mobile devices, advanced digital media, RAID, NAS, SNAP and SAN. We also specialize in vSphere and VMware VMFS RAID data recovery.

Our Tampa office is located at 100 Ashley Dr S, #600, Tampa, FL, 33602. 

 See our Google Map location below for directions.

 Certified ISO 5 CLASS 100 Clean Room right here in the Tampa Area.       Two decades of experience help us recover your data quickly and securely. DTI Data recovery is security audited and publicly recognized on manufacturer sites as one of 10 data recovery companies authorized to open hard drives without voiding warranties.

Hard drive recovery is performed here locally. We have been proudly serving the Tampa Bay area for nearly two decades.

Your data is as important to us, as it is to you.

Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932

Direct in Tampa (813)-397-3636

Emergency Onsite Data Recovery Tampa

If you need Tampa data recovery services and your data is too sensitive in nature to leave the premises, we can come to you. DTI Data recovery has file system engineers capable of going on-site to perform complex hard drive or raid recovery including

  • RAID 5 data recovery service, RAID 6 and Drobo recovery.
  • NAS RAID recovery
  • Hard Drive recovery
  • Recovery of virtual platforms, VMware, vSphere all platforms are supported.

Call for immediate onsite data recovery: 1-813-397-3636.   Call if you need directions we are in the Wells Fargo Building on Ashley St.

Most of our data recovery customers live in an area where there are no hard drive repair companies. The majority of data recovery companies have only one real lab location. If you find another Tampa data recovery company, be sure to check that they actually perform the repairs and recoveries in the Tampa Bay Area.

Located in the heart of Hillsborough County and Tampa Bay. Most of our hard drive recovery customers in Tampa drop off their hard disks at our lab, if that is inconvenient for you please call our local or toll free number to arrange a pickup or shipment.

Our ISO 5 Clean Room certification.

Tampa Data Recovery Company
100 South Ashley Street, Suite 600
Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-397-3636

Locally serving:

  • Apollo beach
  • Brandon data recovery
  • Holiday
  • Palm harbor
  • Plant city
  • Ruskin
  • Safety harbor
  • Tampa bay
  • Temple terrace

Other Tampa Bay Area Locations

If you are a computer repair shop or are seller located in this area, DTI Data is always looking for new partners. For more information or to enroll in our data recovery partner program please contact our Partner Accounts Associate.


Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932

Direct: 1-727-345-9665