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Mobile Device and Computer Forensics

computer forensics

Computer Forensics (Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Desktops and Laptops Analysis)

DTI Data does more than just data recovery, we do computer forensics too.

The most common media we analyze are hard drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, computers and laptops that run Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX operating systems.

Mobile Device Analysis (Cell Phones, tablets, iPods, etc.)

Phones and other mobile devices, such as tablets, are technically computers too. As such, they can contain a wealth of valuable information. From taking pictures, sending and receiving text messages, Google searches on the go and updating social media, people tend to use mobile devices more often than a computer.

Mobile phones and tablets often have features beyond what computers have. For example many phones and tablets have built in GPS and cameras.  Many phones embed information into pictures, the phone may embed the time, date and location where the picture was taken. DTI can also recover deleted items in most case concerning these types of devices.