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Data Recovery Price Quote

As a data recovery company DTI Data has strived to meet the needs of all of our clients including home users on a budget.

We have adjusted the data recovery prices for home users to be the most affordable in the industry without sacrificing our best in class service.

Have you already received a data recovery quote?

Call us now or fill out the form below and let us tell you how much you can save with our ‘Meet or Beat any Data Recovery Quote’ policy.  You can have your data recovered affordably by engineers and technicians that are authorized by hard drive manufacturers!

We understand that home users need affordable data recovery options that they can rely on. Your data is as important to us, in fact,  it is the most important objective to our recovery engineers and technicians.

As technology has progressed, home users often find their data resides on external hard drives that encrypt user data, such as Western Digital My Passports or My Book external hard drives. By the default design, WD My Passport, My Passport Ultra, My Book, and My Cloud external or NAS hard drives encrypt user data to help safe guard user data.  Over the last decade as a Western Digital partner, we have developed the means to recover data from My Passport and My Book encrypted hard drives at affordable prices.

Regardless of the manufacturer, fault, or operating system we can provide the highest class of service at an affordable data recovery price.

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