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Established in 1998, DTI Data has brought to the data recovery industry a tried and true method for addressing all data recovery circumstances. As the industry has grown and improved, DTI Data has done the same and each time has brought a new and enlightened approach to the most bleeding edge of storage technologies. With almost fifty years of combined expertise in the data recovery industry it is easy to see why those who have allowed us the opportunity to serve them have come back to us time and time again for assistance. It is with the greatest of humility that DTI Data accepts the responsibility of recovering your data in the hopes that we can serve you now and in the future.

The following is just a few of the categories our data recovery company offers to our clientele.

Software Recovery

Many times there is a simple approach to the recovery of certain types of data loss. These instances may involve deleted files, virus intrusion, operating system anomalies and so forth. When those instances occur, DTI Data offers a solution that can be employed by the client through software developed by DTI Data. All of our software has a one year full technical support and upgrade path in union with our demo versions which allows you to try before you buy.

Remote Recovery

DTI Data Recovery Company has been pioneers in the recovery of large and small systems that never have to leave the facility or home. Through the advent of secure internet connections a trained technician can look at your particular recovery situation, make an analysis and quickly offer you a solution for your recovery. More often than not, the drive does not have to be sent to our facility for recovery.

Hardware Recovery

The single most devastating type of recovery can be when your hard drive does not allow you to access your data and in many cases is not recognized by your computer system. This situation usually proves to be a hard drive that has received some type of damage and must be handled with extreme care in order to recover your data. DTI Data performs all physical repairs in a certified ISO 5 Class 100 Clean Room facility. Our knowledgeable technicians can quickly extract data from even the most compromised of drives. Whether it has been in a fire, under water, dropped, or has simply failed due to age, DTI Data has a solution that will fit your needs.

Enterprise Recovery

Enterprise systems comprised of large and complex storage farms offer a unique recovery challenge. In these situations the data is normally extremely important and time sensitive. The equipment is of an enterprise quality and security is of paramount importance. DTI Data has experience in all these areas. Whether it be large RAID 5 residing on a fiber channel circuit, or iSCSI running VMWare, DTI Data has experience in all aspects of enterprise recovery and has the answer for recovering one of your company’s most precious assets; its data.