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Established in 1998, DTI Data has consistently used the latest technologies to meet the data recovery needs of its clients for over twenty years. As the industry has grown and improved, Data recovery has become much more complex than in the passed. Access to low level functions on hard drives are now encrypted. Solid State Drives are complex and data is encrypted by the controller. Staying on top of new technology is now more important than ever.  Always using the most cutting edge recovery techniques, we aim to be a friendly and affordable data recovery company.

As a leading data recovery company we offer a variety of services:

Hardware Recovery

One of the most common recovery situations a data recovery company sees is a hard drive or solid state drive that is not recognized by a computer. Sometimes this problem is accompanied by a clicking or beeping sound and the data is inaccessible. Usually, this situation means that the drive has received some type of damage and it must be handled with extreme care in order to recover your data. DTI Data performs all physical repairs in a certified ISO 5 class 100 clean room facility. Our knowledgeable technicians can quickly extract data from even the most broken drives. DTI Data has a solution for your hard drive’s failure. The hard drive may have been in a fire, under water, dropped, or have simply failed due to age. Either way, we can help. Talk to one of our data recovery technicians and receive a free evaluation.

Software Recovery

DTI Data also works with many types of software based failures. These instances may involve deleted files, virus intrusion, files system corruption, reformatting, password loss, etc. DTI data has solutions for when these problems occur. The solutions that can either be employed by clients through our propriety software or in-house by our technicians.

Remote Recovery

DTI Data has also been a pioneer in remote data recovery. We can recover from large and small systems that never have to leave the facility or home. Utilizing secure internet connections, one of our trained technicians can look at your particular recovery situation, make an analysis and quickly offer you a solution for your problem. Remote recovery is much more mainstream than it used to be since the work from home boom due to Covid-19.  If you need remote recovery please call to review our options for your data recovery situation.

Enterprise Recovery

Enterprise systems are mad up of large and complex storage systems. The systems offer a unique recovery challenge for any data recovery company. In these situations the data is typically extremely important and time sensitive. The equipment is usually enterprise quality and security is often of paramount importance. DTI Data has experience in all these areas. Whether you have a large RAID 5  on a fiber channel circuit, or iSCSI running VMWare, we can help. DTI Data has experience with all types of enterprise recovery and the ability to recover your companies critical data.

Forensic Recovery

DTI Data is more than just a data recovery company. We also offer several forensic recovery services. Our forensic specialists analyze hard drives, digital devices (USB devices, phones etc), email, documents, photos, internet history and networks as well. When consulting with one of our experts we will work together to establish a fast and affordable forensic plan that will fit your unique situation. We understand the requirements of the legal system and ensure that our process meets them.

DTI experts have provided expert witness services such as testimony to both plaintiffs and defendants in civil law proceedings. We have also served as technology and forensics experts for prosecutors and defendants in criminal law matters. We have provided expert testimony in local, state and federal courts across the country. Additionally, we offer cybersecurity, eDiscovery and expert witness services.