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DTI Data provides data recovery services throughout the entire state of Florida.

Many data recovery companies advertise throughout Florida cities. When you choose our data recovery services your drive will not be shipped out of state. You can opt to bring your media to one of our locations. We can also arrange to have your drive picked-up and transported to us for you.  Call us and speak with a data recovery technician. We will provide a free evaluation over the phone.

  • BradentonSarasota–Venice Metropolitan Area‎
  • Gainesville Metropolitan Area‎
  • Greater Orlando‎ Area‎
  • Jacksonville Metropolitan Area‎ – we recently did a search for data recovery companies in Jacksonville, FL. Surprisingly, every single company was an out of state company with a virtual office or partner location.
  • Miami Metropolitan Area‎
  • Pensacola Metropolitan Area‎
  • Port St. Lucie Metropolitan Area‎
  • Tallahassee Metropolitan Area‎
  • Arcadia hard drive recovery Metropolitan Area‎
  • Cape Coral–Fort Myers Metropolitan Area‎
  • Clewiston Metropolitan Area‎
  • Gainesville-Lake City Metropolitan Area‎
  • Jacksonville Metropolitan Area‎
  • Lakeland–Winter Haven
  • Panama City Metropolitan Area‎
  • Tampa Bay Area
  • Wauchula Metropolitan Area‎

Through the decades we have recovered drives damaged by dozens of storm and hurricane related damage. If you have a drive that has been compromised from Florida storm damage our team is here to help.

DTI Data Recovery’s main lab is Located in St Petersburg, FL.  We are here for those Floridians who need us to get there business data back or digital lives restored as we rebuild. Call us, from Arcadia, Orlando, St John’s, Ft Myers, Venice, Sarasota. Unfortunately, we have extensive experience with flooded hard drive, RAID, recovery from previous storms here in Florida as well as Katrina, in New Orleans. We are here in Florida to support your data recovery needs.

Even though our primary clean room labs are in St. Petersburg/Tampa/Clearwater with a team drop-off in Orlando, we are only a day away with Fed-Ex or UPS. We receive calls every day asking if we are really in Florida. There a many data recovery companies with virtual offices that are located out of state. Often, they have virtual offices throughout the U.S.  The money they spend on virtual offices is reflected in their cost for data recovery, often 2 to 3 times our cost. Evaluations are free and you will always speak to a data recovery technician when you call.

DTI Data St. Petersburg Lab

DTI Data Orlando Lab

DTI Data Recovery Tampa, FL

DTI Data Recovery Bandon, FL

Call Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932 or fill out an online quote form for immediate support.

Florida Data Recovery Services

If you are having any data issues please contact us as soon as possible so we can help. DTI Data recovery offers 24-hour data recovery and repair service with a high success rate. We have a class 100 clean room, with all the tools necessary to help move your recovery process along at a fast pace.

Ransomware has become ubiquitous in the last 5 years.  We can recover data from backup devices that have been deleted, formatted, or otherwise sabotaged.  Call us for a free evaluation.  Our labs are in Florida.

If you are a computer repair shop or a re-seller located in Florida, DTI Data is always looking for new partners.
For more information or to enroll in our data recovery partner program please contact our Partner Accounts Associate:
Toll Free: 1-866-438-6932
Direct: 1-727-345-9665