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RAId 5 Failure

RAID 5 Failure and XOR Mathematics in NTFS 5 Part 4

We have had three installments on RAID 5 failure and how the XOR operation gives us insight into discovering the stripe size and drive order for an array. Understanding the next installment is critical to the entire method of reverse engineering a RAID 5 configuration. We understand that when we use an XOR operation on the […]

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Corrupt VHD Deleted File Finder

Recovering Data from a corrupt VHD VM

It is never a question of if, but when, something on a computer system fails. Either from poor programming, faulty hardware, or an outside occurrence such as a power loss, there is always the lingering possibility that data is going to be lost. This outlook, philosophy if you will, is the mantra of those who […]

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Seagate Data Loss

Data Loss – Logical vs Physical Data Recovery

As a data recovery company, the calls we receive are common situations in which a user has lost the ability to access their data. In most cases, the reason the user cannot access their data is because the hard drive or solid state drive has mechanically or physically failed.  Outside of RAID recovery, we typically […]

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