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RAID Data Recovery Technician

RAID Data Recovery – Identifying Proper Alignment

When questioning a prospective client it is always necessary, to the best of your ability, to identify the RAID type your prospective customer may have. It is also imperative that the technician doing the initial interview and diagnostic be aware that the client is more often than not unable and or unwilling to identify the […]

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RAID Server Data Recovery

RAID Server Data Recovery – Server Data Loss Prevention

In today’s enterprise climate it is imperative that all client data be safeguarded from RAID Server Data Recovery, through backup facilities. This factor alone, if maintained properly, will offer an eighty percent solution to either avoiding or eliminating down time. In order to ensure the proper facilitation of backing up your server’s data the following […]

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Western Digital Data Recovery PC3000

Western Digital Data Recovery Using the PC-3000 Utility

One of the most common symptoms of a western digital hard drive head crash is the drive clicking a few times then spinning down. In most cases this is a sign that one or more of the read/write heads are failing.  To recover the data from this type of failure it is very helpful to […]

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