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Cryptolocker Data Recovery

Cryptolocker Data Recovery – Server Security, What to Prepare for

In a single phrase, security in a cyber-world has become the single most point of focus in today’s technological world. It is the bane of every on-site technician, and a boon to every criminal who has a malware tool set and an ISP. No one is safe, but that being said, there are steps that […]

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File Data Recovery Step by Step

File Data Recovery Guide Problem: A file that you now need has been deleted from your hard drive data on the C drive. Solution: Shut down the computer. It is important not to run the machine anymore. Windows works under the idea that areas of the harddrive that have been used before are used first. […]

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RAID 5 Sybase Data File Diagnostic Software

Recently I received a set of drives that were originally in a RAID 5 (stripe set) configuration. These drives were old Seagate forty gigabyte Parallel ATA (PATA) drives. The client explained that they had rebooted the server and when it came up again the file system had been corrupted and the operating system would not […]

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