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Water Damaged Hard Drive

SMART Testing Water Damaged Hard Drives

We received a particularly interesting call from a prospective client a few weeks ago. They are a hard drive reseller who had sold about 1,200 brand new 2.5 inch drives to a customer. The customer put about 200 of these hard drives into use where they started to rapidly fail, much sooner than a ‘new’ […]

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Samsung Data Recovery

Samsung Data Recovery – How To Recover Physical Drive

The most common Samsung Data Recovery with the Spin Point hard drives is Service Area corruption. The corruption at times may be attributed to excessive remapping of sectors that are failing.  The excessive remapping can be a bi-product of a read/write head failing intermittently.  With that said, we will discuss how to do a Samsung Data […]

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Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery – Clicking Repair

The most common Hitachi drive models we received within the last year: HTS725050A7E630-Z7K500 HTS725032A7E630-Z7K500 HDT721010SLA360-Z7K1000 HTS725032A9A360-Z7K500 HTS723232A7A364-Z7K320 HTS725050A9A364-Z7K500 Almost every Hitachi hard drive we received for recovery was clicking. Fortunately, the majority of these hard drives did not sustain any platter damage, the platters simply do not seem to be affected by the read/write head […]

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