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Domestic Dispute

Divorce and Child Custody Issues

People may believe that computer forensics is strictly used in high profile cases or major crimes. However, DTI has assisted many client’s going through the difficult time of a domestic dispute like divorce or custody issues. Our experts can analyze digital data the using the same techniques and methodologies as we apply to all our examinations. Issues can vary from internet using, to criminal or inappropriate behavior being conducted while children are present. Our forensic experts can also build timelines and recover communication which may be very telling.

By analyzing all digital evidence together we can begin to build a preliminary profile of a person based on their digital habits and behavior. We can also focus on an individual’s activities while children may be present. Whatever your domestic dispute is, we are here to help.

Cyber Stalking Analysis

Here at DTI, we have analyzed many forms of digital data to reveal cyberstalking and get to the main source of the abuse. Cyberstalking can be very disruptive to a person’s life and can have mental, emotional and even financial consequences too. People can gain access to a person’s digital devices or send perturbing emails to harass someone or much worse. Our experts can analyze data on the devices to identify and remove threats like malicious software. We can trace IP addresses back to the source and use other techniques to stop harassment and gather evidence.