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DTI Data Makes Data Recovery Easy


DTI Data Recovery makes getting your data recovered easier and more affordable than ever!

With the new ‘Get Started Now’ feature it’s the easiest it’s than ever been to start your recovery. The simple three step process explains how to get a quote or an evaluation, how to instantly submit your Recovery Form and get a free prepaid shipping label. That’s right, free shipping and free data recovery evaluation! DTI Data now offers entirely free FedEx 2-Day shipping to their labs anywhere in the U.S.

You can get a quote any time of day by calling 866-438-6932.

If you want to skip that step and send it right in you can opt for a free evaluation. Either way, simply click the new ‘Get Started Now’ button and fill out the brief Recovery Form. You’ll get an instant email confirmation that DTI’s data recovery engineers have received it and you will also get your free FedEx 2-Day shipping label. From there you just pack your device, put the label on the box and send it off.

DTI Data completes all evaluations within 24 hours, an unheard turnaround time in the data recovery industry.

After the evaluation is complete, the client can opt in or out of the recovery service , data recovery evaluation is free. No matter what they choose, there is never any fee for the evaluation. DTI charges nothing unless your data is recovered! Need your evaluation or recovery done even faster? You can also choose to expedite the recovery and get your critical data back in 48 hours or quicker. Whatever your needs, time frame or budget. DTI Data has you covered. And don’t worry, even with their changes, they still offer flat rate pricing and a price match guarantee.

DTI Data is a manufacturer authorized data recovery service with a certified class 100 ISO 5 cleanroom as seen on Western Digital’s data recovery partner page.


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