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Maxtor Data Recovery


Maxtor hard drives are among the most popular in the world. In 2001 Maxtor acquired Quantum’s hard drive division. In an ironic twist of fate, in December, Maxtor was gobbled up by Seagate in an all stock purchase. How that all relates to consumers is still up for debate.

DTI Data Recovery can recover lost data from any type of Maxtor hard drive. At this time we are going to focus on Maxtor’s best selling hard disk the DiamondMax. At least 5 to 10 of these arrive every week needing Maxtor DiamondMax hard drive recovery.

Maxtor® DiamondMax™ Data Recovery

Maxtor® DiamondMax® hard drives provide a value solution for applications that require a balance of most-popular capacities, basic performance and reliability.

Maxtor DiamondMax hard drives are ideal for entry and mainstream home and office PC applications and an excellent solution for integrators and system builders. If you’re building mainstream ATA storage solutions, there’s a DiamondMax drive that’s just right for you and your budget. The DiamondMax family of drives provides the right combination of capacity and performance with reliability and value for entry-level PCs, home desktop PCs, business desktop PCs, non-traditional ATA storage applications and external storage.

  • Wide range of capacities: 40, 80, 160, 250 and 320 GB
  • PATA or SATA 3 Gb/s with Native Command Queuing
  • 7200 RPM, 2-MB or 8-MB cache
  • 3-year warranty
SATA 3.0Gb/s 40GB STM340211AS
SATA 3.0Gb/s 160GB STM3160211AS
SATA 3.0Gb/s N/A STM380211AS
Ultra ATA/100 80GB STM3802110A
Ultra ATA/100 160GB STM3160212A
Ultra ATA/100 N/A STM3402111A

DiamondMax 20 drives

DiamondMax 20 drives are an excellent value for solid performance and

popular capacities for high-volume entry and mainstream computing


DiamondMax 21 drives

DiamondMax21 drives provide larger capacities for mainstream systems with

more advanced features for increased storage needs.

Designed for

• Home desktop PCs

• Offi ce and business PCs

• General, non-PC, ATA storage applications

 Maxtor Data Recovery is what DTI Data Recovery specializes in!