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SCSI Data Recovery


DTI Data has many years experience dealing with SCSI data recovery.

Many companies use SCSI hard drives because the interface allows for much faster data transfer speeds.One of the main differences with A SCSI hard drive and an ATA hard drive is a SCSI disk must have an independent controller for it to communicate with the operating system.

While having a SCSI controller has many benefits, it still adds another layer, another chance for failure and data loss. Here at DTI Data Recovery, our engineers are well versed in dealing with every type of SCSI failure. The fact is it is still a hard drive with heads, a motor, etc. and will need to be opened in a clean room for physical SCSI data recovery.

DTI Data can recover your SCSI Drive! Seagate Cheetah, IBM, Quantum and Fujitsu are all SCSI drives we can recover.

If your SCSI controller is showing medium errors, shows the drive name, but no capacity, this is a catastrophic failure, fortunately DTI Data Recovery can recover your files!