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Toshiba Data Recovery


Each brand of hard drive has its own unique problems and failures and Toshiba is no exception. Over the years DTI Data Recovery has become extremely successful in Toshiba Data Recovery from failed and malfunctioning hard disks. We have seen thousands of failed Toshiba hard drives and have constructed extremely effective diagnostic and recovery techniques.

Like other hard drive manufacturers Toshiba hard drives may be found not only in their own devices, such as, Toshiba Satellite laptops. Toshiba hard drives may also be found in a variety of other laptop manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Asus, etc.

Toshiba is also now offering hybrid SSD-hard drives. (SSD solid state drive). The new technology offers the speed of SSD for boot and operating system load times and the less expensive cost per GB that hard drives offer in one device. Toshiba’s current hybrid offerings include a 500GB and 1TB device. The model numbers are listed below:

  • 500GB Toshiba hybrid SSD-Hard Drive: MQ01ABF050H
  • 1TB Toshiba hybrid SSD-Hard Drive: MQ01ABD100H

The Toshiba external hard drive line are called “Canvio”. They included 2.5 USB powered hard drives as well as, 3.5 form factor external Desktop hard drives.  External USB hard drive are typically not SSHD.

Since the inception of hybrid drives our research and development has been focused on staying ahead of the learning curve. We have used our knowledge base and experience through decades of data recovery to foster new technology to ensure we can recover data from new storage technology.

If your Toshiba hard drive is making clicking sounds or other strange noises, do NOT try any additional recovery attempts. A hard drive continuously run while in a degraded state can lead to platter damage, possibly making recovery impossible.

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