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Adaptive Logic™ for Unrecoverable Hard Drives


DTI Data Recovery is the industry’s premier data recovery service and recovery software company for both physical and logical hard drive recoveries. In the past year we have seen an increase in hard drives that have already been to other data recovery companies. DTI has developed a unique system of sector-level repair hardware and utilities that start where all of our competitor’s technology leaves off.

Adaptive Logic™ is a proprietary data recovery technique allowing us to recover data where it may otherwise have been an unrecoverable hard drive.

If you have sent a hard drive to another data recovery company and they have deemed the data unrecoverable there is a chance our proprietary recovery techniques can recover your data.

Our recovery engineers work with all types of drive crashes and failures:

  • Malfunctioning Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID System Failures
  • Server Corruption and Failures
  • Virus Corruptions and Deletion
  • Damage from Lightning, Flood, and Fire
  • Employee Sabotage or Deletions
  • Power Supply Burn Out or Failure

DTI Data Recovery has decades of experience in data recovery, a Class 100 clean room, and the ability to handle any size including NAS, SAN, and RAID arrays. Call us or contact us first. With our experience and amazing turn around time, you have your data back in no time. Guaranteed.