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USB External Hard Drive Data Recovery


DTI Data Recovery is the industry’s premier data recovery service and recovery software company for both physical and logical hard drive recovery.

Many people use external hard drives to back up their data. Whether through USB or fire wire, external hard drives are a cost effective way to back up your valuable data. The thing is, they are still hard drives and hard drives fail!

What do you do if you need External Hard Drive Data Recovery?

If your external hard drive is no longer recognized, or is clicking, you will need physical hard drive recovery. If you need physical data recovery on an external or any type of hard disk drive call us for a free no-obligation quote, or fill out a quick Online Quote . DTI DATA has decades of experience in data recovery, an ISO 5 Class 100 clean room, and we offer free up front flat rate pricing on all single hard drive data recoveries.

We do not charge evaluation fees or other bench fees. Our data recovery services are no data no charge (some RAID recoveries or hard drive recoveries where the drive has been opened before reaching us will incur a fee, but that is it!). With our experience and amazing turn around time, you have your data back in no time. Guaranteed.