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Free Secure Hard Drive Wiping and Disposal

Hard Drive DestructionFree hard drive wiping and data sanitization by DTI Data Recovery.  Data security is a growing concern for individuals and businesses alike. Many major corporations suffered from very public data breaches last year. Even if you take precautions online and in your daily activities, leaving old hard drives lying around or tossing them into the trash puts your personal information at risk. Even if the drives are broken or have bad sectors, data can still be recovered. If your drive gets into in the wrong hands this could mean identify theft. DTI Data offers 100% free, fast and secure data wiping services. Give us a call 24/7 1-866-438-6932 or stop by one of our local offices near you.

How Secure is the Wiping Process?

We wipe all drives to NIST SP 800-88 standards. After wiping is complete, the platters (where the data is stored) are removed and shredded. We have been in the business of data recovery for over twenty years and we are absolutely certain that the data we destroy can never be restored by anyone.

How is this service free?

As a data recovery lab, we often need to use donor parts from hard drives to repair our client’s drive. We use microchips, read/write heads, motors, circuit boards, etc. The only payment we get in exchange for performing secure data wiping on your hard drives is salvaging some parts after the data destruction is complete. Don’t worry, the only part of the hard drive that stores information is the platters and after wiping them, we shred them.

How do I know my data is wiped?

After the data wiping is complete you will receive a Certificate of Data Erasure verifying that the process had been completed to NIST SP 800-88. DTI Data is a SAM contract holder, HIPAA certified and maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau