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Dell Server Recovery


Dell Poweredge, Dell Server Recovery

Dell PowerEdge Servers can have a wide variety of RAID configurations, however, most PowerEdge Servers are setup as a stripe set with parity ( RAID 5). The default for the RAID stripe is 64k.

Our engineers our familiar with the entire Perc Controller family. There is not a configuration that we have not recovered data from. We have an entire library of categorized firmware relevant for most releases of PowerEdge Perc controller data recovery.

We have over the course of years developed sophisticated in-house software to recover data from a wide variety of catastrophic system crashes for your Dell PowerEdge. Rest assured if the data can be recovered, we will recover it for you regardless of operating system or container size.

Common RAID Failures include: dropping two or more drives from the array container. Losing one drive will result in RAID DEGRADATION. Running the server in less than optimal performance can considerably complicate or totally diminish the basic concept of a stripe set with parity rendering the redundancy of a RAID 5 useless after long term use at this compromised level. Reconstructing a drive after running at a compromised level is not suggested.

Our RAID Engineers have the expertise to recover data and write custom software to fit your recovery situation. Yielding the best results and highest recovery rates for loss of multiple drives or botched rebuild failures using in-house custom software configured and written on the fly to fit your data loss situation.

It is always important to read all FAQ’s and technical information prior to performing a ROM upgrade on your perc controller.

Dell Power Edge VMFS Data Store or Hyper-V data recovery.

Servers may hold user data, databases, in a standard Windows or Linux file system. Conversely, they may store various virtual platforms. Regardless, over the last 22 years we have worked on recovering every evolution of servers and file systems. Our experience is priceless when it comes to working on various types of failures or corruption with-in datastores and other virtual systems.

Years ago we took a close look at ESXI 5 and deconstructed the the file system. Read more here.

If your RAID has crashed and you are not sure what the next step is, consult with one of our engineers about dell server recovery. We will provide free advice to help ensure the situation does not worsen. Our job is to help you maintain or retrieve your priority data.