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VMDK Data Recovery

VMDK Data Recovery – Formatted VMFS Partition

Last week I received a call from a client who had a problem regarding VMWare 5.0 and a mounted share. Initially the client asked me if there was a way to do VMDK Data Recovery on a VMDK File that had been deleted. In answer to this I explained that it would depend upon the circumstance of […]

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VMWare Data Recovery

VMWare Data Recovery – VMFS File System Recovery

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 In the last three installments we have taken an in depth look at the VMFS file system. As we have seen there are many different components that make up the file system where each component not only does its own job, but is interdependent […]

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VMFS File System Reconstruction

VMFS File System Reconstruction

In the last two sections we covered the coarser portions of the VMFS file system. First we looked at what a volume consists of and the best way to find a volume on a storage device where the file system has been corrupted or lost (See VMFS File System Reconstruction – Part 1). In addition […]

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