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FAT 32 File Undelete

FAT 32 File Undelete

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User Guide for DTI Data Recovery’s FAT 32 File Undelete Program

In figure one you will notice the four buttons in the lower left corner of the software. The default button is “Choose Drive”.
Click on that.

When you click on choose drive you are presented with a window as displayed in Figure two. This is pretty self explanatory.


Once you have chosen your drive and clicked on ‘Okay’, you may go to step three, Scan. Depending upon the size of your file system, and how many deleted files you have this will impact the time necessary to complete the scan. Once the scan is complete you will be given a list of deleted files as shown in figure three.

The final step is to click on ‘Undelete’. This will repair all file system components and bring the files back into the file system.

Some things to remember:

If the file is fragmented the software will recover up to the point of the fragmentation. The file may still be corrupt so check the ‘State’ of the file before wondering why the file did not undelete.
A file state may indicate ‘File may be recovered’, but through subsequent deletions and additions the cluster area may be corrupt and therefore the data.
There are times when the file has been fragmented and other files have been deleted after the fragmented file. This can create a false state that the file is recoverable. Please keep this in mind.
This is a FREE piece of software, so use it with that in mind. The disclaimer in the beginning of the software is there for a reason, use this software with prudence and caution.