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Outlook PST Data Recovery

Last time I gave a brief description of a RAID that we received here at the shop.  I also shared some of the things the client had done to try and get their RAID back online. I also explained that chkdsk had been run. What made this RAID unusual was that the client had replaced […]

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Recovering Fragmented Outlook PST After Running chkdsk

The following saga is the story of the recovery of a single Outlook PST (Personal Information Store) file.  It was accomplished using a simple hex editor some diagnostics, and the courage of  David when he slew the Philistine Goliath.  Well, maybe not so dramatic, but it was pretty cool. As fate would have it I […]

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Missing Email in Outlook Express and How to Get it Back

Up until recently it had been the general thought that after an archive or compression in Outlook Express that if you had lost email you were just out of luck. I recently found that when Outlook is doing this compression/archiving that it move you original folders/ dbx’s to the recycle bin and rename them  with […]

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