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Hitachi Data Recovery – HGST Hard Drive Recovery


Hitachi (HGST a Western Digital Company) customers receive a 10% discount from our standard data recovery pricing. Additionally, we provide Hitachi hard drive, NAS, and SSD customers with a complimentary copy of our Recover it All Now data recovery software.

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Hitachi has manufactured hard drives for decades via Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST). Hitachi acquired IBM’s storage division in 2002. They continued the 2.5 inch hard drive family “TRAVELSTAR” as well as  the 3.5 inch desktop family “DESKSTAR”.  Hitachi has also manufactured the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) “ULTRASTAR” line of hard drives. Hitachi’s hard drive division is currently owned by Western Digital.  Since 1999, DTI Data recovery has had a long history recovering data from Hitachi hard drives both the 2.5” laptop and 3.5”desktop hard drives models.

Hitachi Data Recovery

As we know, all hard drives will eventually fail. Most hard drives have a common fault when they do fail.  When a Hitachi hard drive fails it is almost always an internal failure. Hitachi hard drives click, and the clicking sound is usually very audible. The clicking sound may be harder to detect within Hitachi laptop hard drives. The ambient noise within the laptop itself may drown out the sounds hard drive is making. The clicking sound is an audible symptom of one or more read/write heads that have failed and are no longer able to read data stored on the platter’s surface. If this fault is not exacerbated by continued attempts to try to get the drive to run, the data is most likely recoverable. Although a head crash is a catastrophic hard drive failure, we are very successful at recovering data from a clicking Hitachi hard drive. Very rarely do we see Hitachi hard drives with scoring to the platter surface unless there were excessive attempts to repower the drive.

With decades of experience working with Hitachi storage we know the complexity of matching donor hard drive parts to the failed hard drive. All hard drives are tuned at the time of manufacturing. The hard drive tuning process writes information about each drive to the “Service Area” of the hard drive and to the ROM and in some cases the RAM. The information written to the drive during the tuning process is vital to the operation of each hard drive. Lists of defects, program overlays, head maps and other vendor specific information resides on the platter in the Service Area, so does the micro-jog donor or replacement read/write heads.HGST Hard Drive Recovery

Hitachi hard drives with the same exact information on the drive cover or lid can have two completely different sets of read/write heads inside. The heads may not only differ in micro-jog, which head is responsible for initializing the drive can differ as well as the specific method of reading the platters.  Here is an example of how two seemingly similar drives can differ, a Hitachi hard drive may have two platters but only three of the four platter surfaces are used to store data. One Hitachi hard drive will have heads that read from the top platter surface down to the top of the second platter. Another Hitachi hard drive will read from the bottom of the second platter up to the bottom of the top or first platter. This is just an example of the physical differences within Hitachi hard drives with the same model number. Matching micro-jog necessary for donor parts is even another step in verifying donor parts.

Hitachi slim drives are very popular with laptop manufacturers. Our recent experience with the new Hitachi slim line has been similar to previous models of Hitachi 2.5 hard drives.

Our decades of experience have fostered the insight needed to have a very high success rate with Hitachi data recovery.

Similar to its parent company Western Digital, Hitachi has developed a variety of hard drive form factors to attach drive storage. Hitachi has also manufactured hybrid hard drives combining standard magnetic storage memory with NAND memory to increase operating load speeds and the less expensive hard drive space per GB, to provide a premium bang for your buck.

Hitachi storage offerings included: hard drives, NAND hard drive hybrids and Solid State Drives (SSD):

  • Hitachi DESKSTAR 2TB, 3TB and 4TB 3.5 internal hard drive
  • Hitachi TRAVELSTAR 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB 2.5 internal hard drive
  • Hitachi NAS Device: 3TB, 4TB, 5TB and 6TB
  • Hitachi ULTRASTAR 2TB, 3TB and 4TB hard drive
  • Hitachi ENDURASTAR 3.5 desktop and 2.5 laptop for extreme environments.
  • Hitachi CinemaStar 2.5 inch for media.
  • Hitachi Enterprise ULTRASTAR: HE8 8TB, HE6 6TB, 7K6000 6TB, 5TB, 4TB and 2TB hard drive. The larger hard drives are Hitachi’s first helium based hard drives.