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Western Digital Data Recovery

Western Digital Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery is an authorized Western Digital data recovery partner.

Through a special arrangement with Western Digital we are happy to extend a 10% discount to all Western Digital customers. Our data recovery engineers have developed tools and methods tailored specifically to recover WD hard drives. Having been a Western Digital partner for the last decade we have been fortunate to be on the forefront of new hard drive technology as it emerges from the largest provider of hard disk storage. With the experience this relationship has fostered we are able to quickly and accurately diagnose hard drive failures and perform data recovery at a very high success rate.

When you call us, please refer to the following reference # to receive Western Digital preferred pricing on your data recovery: DTWD060. We also provide our Western Digital customers with a complimentary copy of our Recover It All Now data recovery software. Recover It All Now is a software solution to recover lost data from soft crashes such as: missing, corrupt or deleted partition, boot sector corruption, file deletion, quick format etc.  Recover It All Now should not be used if the drive is making clicking sounds, not spinning or has excessive bad sectors.

Common signs of failing read/write heads:

  • Drive spins up and clicks several times and spins down
  • Constant clicking from the hard drive
  • User can see data on the hard drive but the data cannot be copied or accessed. Drive may click or spin down.

Signs that data recovery software may be appropriate:

  • Can view the full size of the drive in ‘Disk Management’ but identifies as ‘Raw’ or ‘Unallocated’.
  • Performed and initialization and or a ‘Quick Format’ of the wrong drive.
  • File deletion
  • Virus

As hard drive space has increased exponentially over the last decade so have the configurations and means to attach hard drive storage. Western Digital manufacturers and distributes a large variety of offerings. As a WD Partner we have extensive experience with all WD storage and configuration options.

Get a Recover It Now Discount Code for a complimentary download:

Western Digital produces a wide variety of storage options including:

  • WD SATA 3.5 and 2.5 standalone hard drives
  • Western Digital external drives: WD My Book, WD My Book DUO, WD Elements, WD Passport, WD Easy Store external usb hard drives.
  • Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage: WD My Book Live, WD My Cloud, My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2, My Cloud EX 4
  • Business Solution: WD Sentinel

DTI Data Recovery is an industry leading data recovery company with an independently verified class 100 clean room that is biometrically secure.

  • Online Drive Tracker™ System to track your hard drive recovery.
  • No Data No Charge – Data Guarantee
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Free Evaluation

Visit Western Digital’s data recovery partner page to verify that DTI is a partner.