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Solid State Drive Recovery service – SSD data recovery

SSD data recovery

SSD data recovery – DTI Data Recovery has one mission when it comes to your data, that is to recover your data. Solid State Drive recovery service.

Solid state drives use cells to hold open and closed gates, put simply. Hard drives are a magnetic medium, while there are some similarities they work in a very different way. SSD data recovery is complex and very different process from hard drive failure.

Our technicians work with third party utilities as well as in-house research and development to provide you with the best chance of recovery.

Choosing the right SSD data recovery company for the first attempt is the most important decision in the outcome of your recovery.

  • Solid State Drives supported by 3rd party SSD recovery tools
  • ADATA -ADATA SP550 SU800
  • AMD – Radeon R7, R3, R5
  • Apacer AS350 Panther
  • Cosair – Force LX, Nova, Force LS, Neutron Series
  • Crucial – MX200m, MX100, M550, M500,M500, M4, C300, BX100, BX500, V4
  • DEXP- M6
  • Gigabyte – GSTF31
  • Goodram -CX 300, S400U, IDRM
  • INDILINX -Corsair Extereme Series, Crucial M225, OCZ Solid 2, OCZ Vertex, OCZ Vertex Plus
  • Intel- 320 Series, 710 Series, X25, X18, 510 Series
  • KingDian – S200
  • KingSpec- PA25, P3
  • Kingston – SSDNow V100, SMSM150S3, SSDNow UV300, HyperX Savage, A400
  • Lexar-Professional 3400x
  • Lite-On-MU3, PH4, PH6
  • Micron-C400, C300
  • OCZ- Arc 100 Series, Vector Series, Vector 150, Vector 180, Vertex 450, Vertex 460, Vertex 460A
  • Patriot -P200, Patriot Blaze, Patriot Blast, Patriot Spark, Patriot Burst
  • Plextor – M5S, M5 Pro Extreme, M3, M3 Pro
  • PNY – CS1111
  • Quomo – Novation 3D
  • RevuAhn- 850X, 880K, 900T Pro, 885
  • Samsung – Samsung CM871 Series, 850 Series, 840 EVO, 840, 830, 470, MLC SSD
  • SanDisk – Genesis, SSD Plus, Ultra Plus, Ultra II, Vulcan, X110
  • Seagate- Fast SSD, One Touch SSD, 600 Series
  • Silicon Power – Slim S55, Slim S60, Slim S55, A56
  • Smartbuy – Jolt, Ignition 2, S9M, Revival, Firestone, Ignition 4, Rivival 2, S11T
  • Transcend – 220S, 370S, ESD230C
  • Western Digital- WD Blue, WD Geen
  • SSD data recovery supported via factory safe mode via PC 3000

Solid State Drives that are self encrypting and not supported by 3rd party tools are very time consuming and expensive to recover. We work with SSD manufacturers and reverse engineer firmware to provide the best solid state drive recovery results possible.


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My Solid State Drive -SSD is showing up as SATAFIRM or SATABURN S11 can you recover my

Yes, we should be able to recover your data. Solid State Drives -SSD, use NAND that read cells in bands. When those cells begin to wear the SSD can malfunction. We have a very high recovery rate for this type of failure. SSD-SATAFIRM S11

I have a SanDisk external Solid State Drive that has failed, can you recover my data?

In most cases, Yes! Inside the external USB enclosure is a SanDisk M.2 Solid State Drive. We have a great deal of experience with SanDisk M.2 Solid State Drives-SSD

How much does Solid State Drive recovery cost?

Solid State Drive recovery is complex and as such, complex storage devices prices will vary depending on the failure and controller manufacturer. Self encrypting devices can be challenging as manufacturers do not share their source code with the public. We try our best to make our services affordable to home users and businesses.