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clicking hard drive data recovery

Clicking Hard Drive Data Recovery – Toshiba – Case Study

Recently, we received a Toshiba clicking hard drive data recovery that would spin, initialize and report an ATA ready status; however, when trying to access the data, the drive would click and hang the operating system during boot then display the ‘blue screen of death’. We tested the read write heads individually to pin point which […]

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Data Recovery with Windows 7

So after the Windows Vista debacle I was less then ready to jump on the Windows 7 bandwagon. For obvious reasons I wanted to take a wait and see attitude about the OS since with Windows Vista doing logical (software) data recovery was a huge chore that I generally could not gain access to the […]

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The Decline Of Data Recovery Services

After the fallout of the tech boom of the late 1990’s, Internet marketers had few money making options left. The get rich quick scheme based on a potentially good idea was no longer feasible. However, one market did stand alone, unwavering; the data recovery services and software industry. Prior to the new millennium there were […]

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