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Deleted VMWare VMDK

Deleted VMWare VMDK – What should you do?

DTI Data Recovery receives several requests for data recovery quotes each and every day. Many times the quotes are self-explanatory and we can offer an accurate solution as well as an upfront price for almost any recovery. With that being said, there are times when a more complex solution is necessary and some additional information […]

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Recover Deleted VHD

Step by Step Recovery of a Deleted VHD

  It happens to everyone, even the most fastidious of technicians will experience a catastrophic data loss that can, and many times will, cause a loss of revenue within a company. In a virtual environment this can be even more complex as the method for bringing the system(s) online has a more multifaceted underpinning that […]

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VMDK Data Recovery

VMDK Data Recovery – Formatted VMFS Partition

Last week I received a call from a client who had a problem regarding VMWare 5.0 and a mounted share. Initially the client asked me if there was a way to do VMDK Data Recovery on a VMDK File that had been deleted. In answer to this I explained that it would depend upon the circumstance of […]

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