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Avoid Data Recovery Scams Choose DTIData

Most of the people that read this blog know how I feel about companies that claim they are data recovery firms with years of experience, clean rooms or for that matter, operate outside of their garage! We have been preaching this for a while. There was a time a few years ago when all of the competition were like us, legitimate data recovery companies with proper labs, tools and experience to recover users valuable data.

Now there are thousands of results when you type “data recovery” or “hard drive recovery” into Google or Yahoo. The question is how do you technicians or consumers know who to choose. Since those of you reading this blog know for sire we are serious, have lots of proof about who we are and are one of only 7 companies in the US authorized by major hard drive manufacturers to even open their drives! That last statement needs a quick clarification. Since Seagate purchased Maxtor, which had purchased Quantum, and Hitachi purchased IBM hard drive division, there are really only a few manufacturers that even make hard drives now. Out of all those hard drive companies, only Western Digital actually lists these authorized companies on their website. Click here to see DTIData on that list! To verify that you are dealing with a legitimate data recovery company, you may not want to stray from the WD list of partners!

This is something we have talked about for a long time. I wrote an article in January of 2008 called Data Recovery Truth and Consequences that is referred to by PC World magazine here (I don’t mind that Dick Correa got credit for being the author, this blog wouldn’t appeal to most of you without his technical articles : )

Even stronger than this is Dave Mohyla, our CEO, who wrote a whitepaper about the decline of standards in the data recovery industry. He wrote this article in 2004!

When looking for a data recovery company, it is important to know who you are dealing with as well as to check them out in the Better Business Bureau. Here is a link to the DTIData BB rank, an A PLUS! We strive to give our clients the best in software and support. We are the one of the only company in the world that fully supports its freeware data recovery software as well as our paid programs. We offer 24 hour support on all hard drive recovery and any customer can access the status of their case with our Drive Tracker system. Feel free to call us at 1-866-438-6932 anytime if you have questions about hard drive recovery.



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