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Western Digital Data Recovery PC3000

Western Digital Data Recovery Using the PC-3000 Utility

One of the most common symptoms of a western digital hard drive head crash is the drive clicking a few times then spinning down. In most cases this is a sign that one or more of the read/write heads are failing.  To recover the data from this type of failure it is very helpful to […]

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Click Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital Data Recovery – My Passport 1Tb

I was reading what turned out to be a very unfortunate forum post on Tom’s Hardware. The post originated with a user expressing his dissatisfaction with a piece of western digital data recovery software that was taking a very long time to scan his WD My Passport hard drive. The software had not incremented any progress […]

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clicking hard drive data recovery

Clicking Hard Drive Data Recovery – Toshiba – Case Study

Recently, we received a Toshiba clicking hard drive data recovery that would spin, initialize and report an ATA ready status; however, when trying to access the data, the drive would click and hang the operating system during boot then display the ‘blue screen of death’. We tested the read write heads individually to pin point which […]

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