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Hard Drive Recovery: Platter Replacement – Old News!

Hard Drive Recovery Platter Swap: Hardly A New Technology. Recently I came across a news article about how another data recovery company “broke the platter replacement barrier”. I didn’t realize other companies saw hard drive platter swapping as a barrier! DTI Data Recovery has been successfully replacing and controlling platters independantly for years. When my […]

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Hard Drive Recovery: Why Use A Service

Hard Drive Recovery. Three words that encompass so much. In my post about why hard drives fail I explained how hard disk manufacturers are burdened with the fact they are producing a product destined for failure. We know that inherently a drive will fail, but keep in mind that there are things that can speed up […]

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Speed Kills? With Hard Drives It's Heat!

A few months ago I bought an internal thermometer for my computer. I was told by Malcolm our hard drive recovery engineer that the most common reason for hard disk failure was heat. I was shocked to find the internal temperature of my machine was 120 degrees! How did it get so hot? When it […]

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