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Data Recovery Content

If you operate a technology blog or website than you know how hard it can be to constantly keep your site updated with the latest content. DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce that we have several content plans that can keep that content rolling in! The articles that our team of authors write are keyword heavy with high dollar phrases like “hard drive recovery“, “data recovery“, RAID Data Recovery“, “data recovery software” and “disaster recovery“. All of these keyword phrases bring in top prices with Google Adsence and Yahoo’s Search Marketing ads.

Having fresh well written content can do more than increase your sites ad revenue. Good content also helps increase traffic through search engine optimization as well as keeping your visitors on your site. DTI Data Recovery has many ways to help your website including content creation services that provide unique and quality content in return for inbound links. If your site is on topic and has Page Rank, we can write 300 to 400 word relevant content that will provide your site with high revenue keywords. All we require in return is inbound links to our site on pages that have relevant and on topic content.

Hard Drive RAID Data Recovery Feeds

If you have a blog, DTI Data Recovery can help you get your RSS feed noticed! We have several pages with high page rank in many different categories for technical and computer oriented websites. We can place your feed on our site and give it thousands of page view every day. Search engines credit RSS links much higher than reciprocal links. By placing DTI Data Recovery‘s feed on your site, you have fresh and unique content updated daily. Reciprocal RSS feed display is the best way to share traffic and placement. Our content is not just limited to hard drive recovery. We offer hundreds of technical guides on data storage, backup, disaster recovery and other tutorials.

If you have a blog with a Technorati authority higher than 10 contact michael at to exchange links in our blogrolls. Blogroll links increase authority and have more weight than standard reciprocal linking.

For more information email michael at or call 727-345-9665.

Feel free to visit any of our hard drive recovery or RAID data recovery pages. Click here for more info on data recovery or clicking hard disk repair.

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