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Screen Description


Function Buttons
Function buttons are the center to the recovery of a hard drives data. Consider each button a tool in a very sophisticated tool box for use in restoring your lost data to you.

Device/Volume List
Upon initialization the following hard drive and physical device list is created. This list consists of the physical device which are listed in green, and any file system volumes [blue] that may have been mounted during the initialization process.

Device/Volume Description
A comprehensive description of the currently highlighted hard drive or volume. This display offers a clearer description to the user in order to help them make a decision as to which device they wish to recover.

Status Message Bar
This simple bar display progress messages as well as any difficulties that may have occurred during the recovery process. Strict attention should be paid to this display as there is usually some type of message that pertains to the current state of your recovery.
Informational and Progress Fields
During the recovery phase these informational fields offer a second by second of either the recovery or the copying of the found data. It is the visual rendering of the internal processing of the software and offers a clear and concise representation of the data flow.

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