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Hard Drive Recovery: What does it mean?

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery is a very broad term. However, data recovery companies use it to describe a situation where the hard drive itself is no longer functioning. A hard drive can have many different file systems from Windows, MAC, Linux or, even a very proprietary file system for a specific use.

So, when we here at DTIData receive a call from a user that is unable to access their data we have to determine if the hard drive needs to be recovered or repaired to a state where we can then access the client data or has the files system installed on the hard drive been rendered corrupt or damaged.

More over there are other circumstances where the file system is not corrupt but the data installed on the file system has been deleted, damaged or corrupt. An example may be an accidental deletion of a users profile including their Outlook mail. A more severe circumstance may be a corrupt MS Exchange mail EDB file that holds mail for multiple users.

In short a hard drive is a storage device and hard drive recovery refers to recovery of the device itself. After the hard drive is accessible we then work with retrieving every sector of data the hard drive stores. After every possible sector of data has been recovered we can then determine that the user data is intact. This will allow a technician to look at the file system and determine how much data the device has stored and where it is located. DTIData’s technicians then build a file system map and compare it to a map of any sectors that may of had damage. We can now get a very clear idea of any files that may have been damaged and repair any affected files. When you call DTIData you are going to speak with a technician who understands how a hard drive works and will be able to effectively diagnose your problem.


One Response to “Hard Drive Recovery: What does it mean?”

  1. Spašavanje Podataka January 12, 2012 4:07 am #

    Yes, in order to save data we should clone every sector from broken hdd to good one.
    This is the only professional way. If there is a amount of bad sectors there will be some damaged files of course.

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