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Seagate platter swap – spindle motor stuck.

Seagate platter swap, the only reason to perform this process is when the spindle motor is stuck do to seized bearings. This is a difficult recovery process and does not work if you do not use the correct tools. Seagate 3.5 desktop drives have used platter balancing rings are weighted screws for some time now. If you were to simply remove the platter without accounting for alignment and balance you would likely lose the data forever.

Since we are in the business of data recovery, that would be very bad for us and our data recovery customers. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Fortunately, we came up with a solution of our own that we call Base Replace. Base Replace is a tool and process we use to swap the platter to a new hard drive base with a working spindle motor and retaining the platter alignment and balance. Out of the gate this process had an extremely high success rate and we have adopted the process to other manufacturers when needed. We had our head engineer walk through the process and explain it step by step.

Although this may not look high-tech this is what it looks like in the trenches of our clean-rooms. At the time this tool and process was conceived this was a major problem for data recovery companies and we have sold this to just about every data recovery company in the U.S and Europe. If you have a Seagate hard drive that is make a slight beep but not spinning-up, we have a solution.

We hope you enjoy the video. #DTIDataRecovery #SeagatePlatterSwap.

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