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Hard Drive Failure – What NOT to Do

By now everybody has had a bad experience with a hard drive. When most people run into problems with their computer, the last thing they think of is the hard drive! If you are a gambler like me, you play the probabilities. The most likely problem you will face if you are running a Windows […]

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Clicking Disk

By far the most common problem we hear about are clicking hard drives. Most data recovery companies automatically assume that a clicking hard drive means physical hard drive data recovery. While in most cases the clicking sound is indicative of a head crash and will require clean room work, there are other problems that can […]

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Western Digital WD5000AAJS Hard Drive Recovery

Western Digital WD5000AAJS hard drive recovery usually entails repairing the heads. Like many drives the WD5000 has a parking mechanism that is meant to protect the platters so the heads don’t impact upon them. This doesn’t help if the heads fail during normal usage. Read Write Heads Caught in Orange Keeper or Park Area The […]

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