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DART Data Recovery Software For Windows Vista

DTI’s premium data recovery software DART has been proven to work on all versions of Windows Vista. When DTI created DART they had Vista in mind. We have received a ton of emails asking about Vista’s file system and likely future service pack upgrades. There are many articles on the Internet talking about WinFS, but […]

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Backup Solutions 2: Small Network Attached Storage

Greetings! I am working on a whole series of article that deal with data safety. As an employee of a hard drive recovery service I see a lot of data recovery case studies. The fact is everyone faces data loss at one time or another. My post about How and Why Hard Drives Fail has […]

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Using Restore Feature With Dell And Compaq HP

I take a lot of time to evaluate, what the most frequent Technical support calls I receive are. After a thorough evaluation I have noticed that I receive an inordinate amount of calls referencing the go back or system restore feature that many of the new computers are preloaded with. This is one of the […]

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