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DART Data Recovery Software For Windows Vista

DTI’s premium data recovery software DART has been proven to work on all versions of Windows Vista. When DTI created DART they had Vista in mind. We have received a ton of emails asking about Vista’s file system and likely future service pack upgrades. There are many articles on the Internet talking about WinFS, but what exactly is it?

Before we get into WinFS, I wanted to ensure everyone that DART, the most powerful data recovery software on the Internet, does and will work on ALL versions of Vista. If you need Vista partition recovery or file recovery download DART here. We fully support DART  call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665. Extended Software Support: 8 AM to 11 PM EST 7 days a week!

OK the sales portion of this post is out of the way, lets move onto Vista’s file system the way it is now, and how it will change down the road. When looking at NTFS (New Technology File System) it is apparent that it is a major upgrade over FAT (File Allocation Table). The question is what will be the benefit of WinFS? At this time Windows file systems “see” what is called metadata. This gives the Operating System the ability to know more about a specific piece of data. An example is
“5551212” is data, “Michael’s phone number:555-1212” is metadata. It understands what the number is as well as how you might use it.

NTFS, while powerful, is nothing to the future power of WinFS (Windows Future System) which is based on relational databases to manage your data and storage of files. When the dev version came out last year it caught a lot of people by surprise since Microsoft had announced that WinFS wouldn’t be part of Longhorn (Vista’s codename). Our data recovery engineers and programmers are very impressed with the results.

Since we recover databases that get corrupt all the time, we have to have guys that are on top of the game. Our Exchange server recovery techs don’t have time to dig deep into SQL and visa verse. The one thing they both agree on is the new Vista and future upgrades to WinFS will be worth the money and time. This says a lot since most of them are open source guys to begin with. They treat Windows as a necessary evil at best.

As time goes on we will be keeping everyone up to date on Vista and the issues revolving around it.


One Response to “DART Data Recovery Software For Windows Vista”

  1. data99 February 22, 2007 6:10 pm #

    I know that running software under the enterprise version of Vista can be complicated. Although you may have logged in as admin you may be on domain as a user. I had problems initially running software logged into a domain. I think it will be very helpful for companies authoring software especially data recovery software to explain some of the problems they may have under a new operating system. On the plus side of Vista if you have hard drive space with good throughput, lots of ram you will love your experience.

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