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Data Recover Of A QuickBooks File

Many companies and people rely on QuickBooks to manage their money and accounts. If you have had data loss to your QuickBooks file this article can help you get your data back. If your hard disk can’t be accessed you might need hard drive recovery prior to the actual QuickBooks file restoration.

QuickBooks File Recovery Without Hard Drive Repair

In a situation where your hard drive has been formatted and the OS reloaded, or there has been a catastrophic crash to where you can no longer access the data due to some sort of logical anomaly (this means not PHYSICALLY damaged), but you need your QBB or QBW files back there is an answer.

Intuit in all their wonderful support offers a service to their customers. You can call them up, explain that you need your QuickBooks file back and they will have you send them the hard drive. They have their own software that will piece you file back together and they will send you the file back. This is a phenomenal service that they offer, for a nominal fee. From the customers I have talked to it is only about 300 bucks to get them to do this for you, so give them a call if you need your QBW,QBB files back at 1-888-320-7276.

Physical Hard Drive Crash QuickBooks File Data Recovery

So what do you do when Intuit can’t recover the file because it can’t be gotten off the hard drive? Well then it is time to call DTI Data! We offer no data no charge upfront flat rate pricing on all hard drive recovery. That means you will know exactly what it will cost to have your data recovered. We have a class 100 clean room to perform physical hard drive repair in.

Call 24 Hour Hard Drive Recovery & Server/RAID Recovery Hotline:
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7 Responses to “Data Recover Of A QuickBooks File”

  1. JUDY GLAZE April 11, 2009 3:41 pm #


  2. KHatuna Khorava May 2, 2009 6:00 am #

    Dear Sir

    Good day

    Let me explain the situation – We have had our DATA Base on USB HDD. We have been working as usual. When I finished one of invoices and was going to open new one and made ”next” – I found out there was not connection with our base. HDD was damaged. But we restored it. But a file has had problem.

    We need your assistance with recover of our QuickBooks data , especially in recovering of our data back. We need QBW files recover. Please advice what we have to do for resolve this problem
    Waiting for your soonest and urgent comments. We don’t want to waste the time.

    Thank you in advance
    We would be appriciate with getting soonest reply
    Thank you for support
    KHatuna KHorava

    • Jacqui Best May 4, 2009 2:35 pm #

      KHatuna Khorava,

      If the Quick Books file is corrupt then you are doing to need the help of Intuit for the recovery of file.

  3. GK June 30, 2010 9:58 am #

    Hi. Had hard drive crash. Got the data off and copied. Now have a 45Mb file QBW that the system will not recognize. Says “this is not a Quick Book file”


    In South Africa, Johannesburg

    • Jacqui Best August 2, 2010 10:51 am #


      Intuit is awesome about helping customer recovery QB files and they are fairly inexpensive for the service. I would contact them to see if there is something they can do to help

  4. Aileen Dunlap February 9, 2014 11:41 pm #

    I accidently deleted my Quickbooks System. How do I retrieve it. I do not have the disc to reinstall the program. Need help Please. Thanking you in advance.

    • Jacqui Best February 24, 2014 1:55 pm #

      Have you written data the drive since you deleted the data file? If so I would recommend contacting Intuit (make of quickbooks) since they have software to piece a fragmented QBB back together.

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