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Sarasota Data Recovery

DTI Data recovery Sarasota local to our southern neighbors just over the Skyway Bridge. Our services include: hard drive data recovery, Solid-State-Drive SSD, RAID 5 recovery, NAS data recovery, recovery of data from any type of media or file system. We are here in Florida, you can walk-in for a free data recovery evaluation and see our lab.

We do not charge diagnostic fees* and we offer flat rate, no data, no charge data recovery services. Again, walk-ins are welcome, we will provide a free data recovery evaluation.  You can also call and speak with a technician by phone to receive a free data recovery evaluation.  We can start your evaluation when you arrive. If you believe your hard drive has only file system damage by improper ejection or update corruption, you can download Hard Drive Engine free of charge. The software will report SMART data from the hard drive or Solid Sate Drive-SSD, perform read tests, and more to help you determine the extent of damage to your media.

Sarasota data recovery and the greater Tampa Bay area for two decades. Don’t send your drive out of state. Walk-in to our data recovery lab!

25 years of data recovery

Our lab is a certified class 100 ISO 5 clean-room. We are security audited and follow SOC Type II guidelines  All recovered data is stored on individual clone hard drives and data is verified on standalone air-gapped computers. We ensure the safety of all data within our biometrically secure data recovery lab.

Local driving directions from Sarasota, FL to DTI Data recovery service lab: From Sarasota 275 N over the Sun Shine Skyway Bridge. Once over the bridge continue north to the 31st St N exit. Turn right on 31st St N continue on until reaching 22nd Ave S, then turn right. Head west on 22nd Ave s. 22nd Ave S will turn into Gulfport Blvd. Continue on Gulfport Blvd until reaching Pasadena Ave S. Turn  right on Pasadena Ave S continue heading North 21 blocks and turn right of 1st Ave S.  We are just 20 minutes from Sarasota and Manatee County.

There are numerous data recovery companies advertising locally in the Tampa Bay and Manatee county area. Most will have you drop of at an office location and ship the drive out of the state. All of those virtual locations cost money and that is reflected in their prices. We are the only data recovery company found on Western Digital’s website as a an authorized data recovery company in Florida. Our technical staff is available by phone 7 days a week.

You can download our hard drive recovery diagnostic program free. Hard Drive Engine