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Data Recovery Services From DTI

DTI Data Recovery has been in business for decades. Our technicians and engineers have unique experience in all types of data recovery. DTI is one of the few companies in the world that not only performs hard drive repair, but also creates and sells data recovery software.

The fact that we have in-house software developers gives DTI data recovery an edge when it comes to recovering damaged hard drives. There are many situations that call for custom data recovery solutions. DTI has the technology and experience to create software on the fly for any given situation.

Data Recovery Engineers

The main thing that separates DTI from the pack is our engineers. We have specialists that are expert at Linux file systems, others that are focused on NTFS and FAT, this gives us the most experience with data recovery. The fact is, hard drive repair isn’t rocket science. With a clean room, experience, proper parts and technology DTI is able to repair just about any type of physical damage to a hard drive and get the data off and on to stable media. It is what happens next that makes DTI special.

Data Recovery is a lot more than hard drive repair. It also means that the files on the hard drive need to work again. That is why our engineers have the upper hand. We can take databases down to the hex level and repair them, we can fix file systems, we can rebuild partitions. If you need data recovery, then DTI is the logical choice!


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