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Scanned Recovery

There are times when the initialization process will not be able to resolve critical damage to the file system. The causes for this are numerous but can consist of viruses, hardware glitches, application software, and malware just to name a few. In instances like this there will more than likely not be a volume listed for the physical device in the Device/Volume List.

In order for the software to create a list of possible volumes a scan of the entire physical device must be done. In order to accomplish this, the following steps should be taken.

Step 1.
In the Device/Volume Device list [Figure 1] choose the physical device [green] you wish to scan.

Step 2.
On the Function Button bar click on “Scan Physical Device”. This will immediately begin a scan of the entire drive and may take anywhere from one and one half hours to eight hours depending upon the size of the drive as well as any damage that may currently causing the drive to read slowly.

Step 3.

Once the scan is finished a list of all possible volumes will have been displayed under the physical device you chose to scan. In order to populate the folder tree and file list double click on the volume that you believe is the one housing your data and a display [Figure 2] will give results.

Finally, if the scan is taking an extraordinary amount of time to complete, and or no volume list was created then there may be serious physical, or file system damage on your hard drive. It is at this time that a data recovery specialist team should be employed if your data is valuable to you. DTI Data Inc. offers several comprehensive methods of recovery for even the most stubborn of situations. Give them a call (727)345-9665 and speak to a data recovery specialist to help you on your way to a safe and full recovery.

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