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DTI In The News

DTI Data Recovery’s owner Dave Mohyla was in the news again providing help to the Virginia State Police when they sought his advice concerning the possibilities of recovering data from a suspects hard drive that was thrown into a duck pond. DTI has extensive experience with water damaged hard drives and hard drive recovery of flooded disks. During our relief efforts with Hurricane Katrina victims we had to create a special lab environment just for water damaged hard drives.

You can read the whole story at the Roanoke Times website. Dave goes on to explain how we recover data from water damaged hard drives and recommends that the police keep the drive submersed until we can get out hands on it. Since DTI is a certified forensic data recovery company with unsurpassed experience at water damaged hard drive recovery, who else are they gonna call?

If you are having hard disk problems than give us a call, no one has a better hard drive recovery success rate than DTI.

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