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Finding Hard Drive Parts for an IBM Deskstar 82.3GB

Among other duties I have around here finding parts for drives is one of them. We of course out source to other companies when I am unable to find the parts but it is always better and more more cost effective if someone in house finds them.

The first step in finding the parts is to determine the reason the technician has requested the parts. Is it a firmware issue with the hard drive or does he need new heads? Sometimes it is something like a jammed spindle and he needs a new base for the drive. I will say that a lot of times it is NOT the PCB board we are after but new heads for the drive. In this situation matching the actual part number actually isn’t necessary. So lets do a walk through of finding heads for an old IMB Deskstar 1C35L080AVVA07-0.


See that I have the actual model # highlighted.


First thing I do is go to Google and type in the model number only. Then you will want to click on the SHOPPING link at the top.


As you can see from searching the entire Google shopping cart I found NO results.

Next I will try to go ahead and just put in the make and size of the drive just to see what I get.

google results

Now here we can see a ton of results for a hard disk that could be the one I am looking for and then again maybe not. IBM made more then one 82Gb hard drive.

Next I am going to hit the first result and see if I can identify if it is the EXACT drive I am looking for.


As we see here this drive does NOT match since the part number is different (P/N)

So I checked a few more of those links and I wasn’t able to find the drive I am looking for. Now I will move on to looking on EBay. I searched for the exact model number in EBay which I admit is usually very successful but in this case was not.


As you can see it also returned zero results so now we are going to have to be creative.

So I start searching for very specific things I think someone may list the drive under


Searching for the specific part number returned the same problem of no results.

I tried a few more VERY specific searches and still did not return any result that would allow me to obtain the drive.

Then I remembered that the Deskstar is ALSO a Hitachi drive and that many times people will CONFUSE them. So I searched for “Hitachi Deskstar 82Gb” and I found the drive for a VERY reasonable price.


In total the search for this drive took me about hour. I have a high level of expertise on hard drive parts and what will and will not work when we need them. There is also a certain risk that they will not work at all and that the money spent will be lost. It is part of the bonus of using a data recovery company like our selves who are a no data no fee place. We would never expect you to look for or pay for your own parts.

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