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Hard Disk Recovery Blog

DTI Data Recovery also has another blog that you might not be aware of. I first started this blog before I knew about WordPress. It has a bunch of great articles that include tutorials and our data recovery software user guides. If you have hard drive recovery issues you might fond some solutions there.

Hard Disk Recovery Support Articles

Below is a table of contents for our most popular articles on the hard disk recovery blog:

  • FREE NTFS Partition Repair Tool – the press release for the free partition repair tool that our chief data recovery software engineer Dick Correa wrote.
  • Why Defrag Your Hard Drive – Jacqui Best tells us how and why to defrag your had drive regularly.
  • How To Set Up Your Computer – another great article from Jacqui on the proper way to set up your computer to protect it and you from the evils of the Internet.
  • DART NTFS Data Recovery Software – the press release and overview of Dick’s best data recovery software yet – DART. Download DART from the file recovery program page.

This is just a sample of the blog’s content. If you need hard drive support visit DTI’s Data Recovery Software Products that shows you your data before you buy it! All of our demo software is fully functional and allows you to save your scan so you won’t have to run the scan over again with the full version.

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DTI Data are experts at hard disk recovery repair.

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