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Hard Drive Recovery and Remote Diagnostics… Old School gone retro…

When I first started writing hard drive recovery software, many, many, years ago Microsoft file systems were pretty straight forward.  It was a simple FAT, with some file entry tables scattered throughout the drive with a few key system components.   In addition, the file system was designed to be fairly virtual.  In other words, if a sector of the drive went bad, you could reset a pointer and set it to another sector with the same data.  In the old days we would remap drives by hand all the time using the old Norton DOS hex editor and a calculator.  We would do this because drives we very expensive back then.  I remember buying an eight hundred megabyte SCSI drive for a little over $1000.00.  So, if you developed bad sectors on a drive, you didn’t toss the drive, you remapped the sectors and used the drive till it dropped.  I miss those days sometimes, not the expensive drives but the simplicity of the computer and the operating system.

Well, as time went on drives got cheaper and the way to recover data from a corrupt file system changed.  The developers started writing software that moved data from the damaged file system, to a new hard drive.  This was easier on the developer and there was a very small chance that the client using the hard drive recovery software would destroy the data on the host drive.  This has worked very well… until now.

The end user of today stores more data on their hard drives than you can shake a gigabyte at.  They will store pictures, music, video, email files, games, and databases of all sorts.  All of these things use enormous amounts of disk space, so, if the drive develops a few bad sectors then trying to transport 300 GB worth of pictures and movies becomes a big deal and can actually exacerbate the problem on a damaged hard drive.   Even if it is not bad sectors, but the file system becomes corrupt, trying to move all that data to another drive just becomes too cumbersome.

In addition to a damaged drive, the operating systems have become so complex that configuring the thing takes four weeks.  Along with that you have loaded and configured your virsus scanner, malware scanner, port scanner, firewall and a thousand other things to make sure that no one breaks into your computer and swipes your bank information which is also stored on your hard disk. To wipe and reload an operating system, reconfigure all your protection, reload all your software and download all the latest releases could take weeks.  Who wants to do that?

All of this being said what is the answer to a file system that cannot be accessed.  DTI has a simple solution.  We went old school.  In this world of complex operating systems, file systems, software, virus scanners, on and on and on DTI offers a better solution.  Let one of our highly trained technicians remote into your personal computer and diagnose your file system problem.  Instead of having some piece of hard drive recovery software guess at what is wrong, let a trained tech in there to ferret out the real problem and possibly get your file system back up and running in less than ten minutes.  In addition to that many times the technician will stop a problem from getting worse and saving you the agonizing possibility of losing all of your data.

Old school for DTI Data has a new wrinkle and can save you money, time, and more importantly your data.  Give us a call and let us recover your data. To schedule a remote data recovery using Recover It Now call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 236 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 236.

If your hard drive is clicking or unable to boot, then you need physical hard drive recovery. Call 866-438-6932 to speak with a technician.


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