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Hard Drive Recovery Case Study Overview

Hard Drive Recovery” is the part of the data recovery process that involves repairing the hard disk drive. This new series of articles are going to talk about the most common hard drive recovery scenarios we run into. By talking about the situations we run into on a daily basis, we hope to help others avoid data loss and hard drive problems.

Hard Drive Recovery Case Studies Explained

The case studies will be in a specific format that will outline everything from computer make and model, operating system and hardware configuration to hard drive type, capacity and manufacturer. By sharing our recovery experience with our readers DTI Data will continue its unique free support policy.

If there are any specific topics that anyone would like explored or if anybody has questions pertaining to hard drive recovery, please leave comments in this post and we will answer all questions and use your input in the creation of our content plan.

For those of you that are new to our site, DTI Data is a full service data recovery company. We operate a class 100 clean room where we perform all hard drive repair. All the software we sell on our website was created in house by our own engineers and programmers. DTI also has a full service network division that specializes in Exchange Server and database data recovery. We are certified to perform forensic data recovery and have biometric security to insure the confidentiality of our clients data.

By working with our engineers, technicians, programmers and sales staff I plan on providing the most useful information about hard drive recovery to be found online. Please leave a comment on this post if there is anything at all you are interested in learning about hard drive recovery.

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