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Hard drive recovery-Free Testing and data recovery software.

Not all data loss is due to mechanical failure. Some logical or file system recoveries can be done quite easily and free of charge with tools we provide you. In the video below you will see how easy it can be to recover data from simple file system damage like a damaged partition or corrupt MBR. Data loss is a hassle, and in some cases can be very difficult and expensive to recover. But it not always doom and gloom. When most of the file system components are still intact it allows data recovery software to make quick work of the recovery process and can be performed by most users.

The tools used to perform the recovery are Hard Drive Engine and Recover It All Now.
The links to the software are below: Watch the video to get a coupon code to download Recover It All Now free!

Recover It All Now: Recover It All Now

Hard Drive Engine: Hard Drive Engine

It is always a good idea to check the status or health of your hard drive to make sure your drive is not degrading prior to using data recovery software. Hard Drive Engine will provide you with the information you need prior to using data recovery software. If your drive “FAILS” you may have a drive with a degraded Read/Write head. Further use of the drive may cause damage to the failing head or the platter surface its reading. If you get a pass or green light from hard drive engine, you’re good to go with data recovery software. (Unless the drive was dropped, or some other event may have damaged the drive. Reports on pass/fail are based on SMART data. If the drive could not record those events, only a read test will provide good information.)

Clicking hard drives, drives that have been dropped, hard drives that do not show up in the system BIOS or external hard drives that do not show up in Disk Management or Disk Utility will need in lab recovery Hard Drive Recovery Service. Tampa Data Recovery Company DTI Data recovery Orlando local anniversary

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