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Western Digital Data Recovery – 1Tb Hard Drive Comparison

When you are looking to buy a new WD hard disk drive you should always take into consideration if you are going to have to perform Western Digital Data Recovery before you purchase. Here we take a look at the different 1tb Western Digital hard drives currently available for purchase.

Western Digital Data Recovery WD10EARS 1TB

Ok so this drive is part of the “green” series of ECO-Friendly drives they are making now. The cost you pay for being friendly with the environment is a hit to performance. The drive is by no means a HIGH PERFORMANCE hard drive. It is perfect for storing data that you just want and do not need access to all the time. I would say archiving pictures and videos would be perfect. Also it would be really great even for being storage for Music. I would not use it as my operating drive. Meaning I would not load my Operating system, games, programs on it. You will NOTICE an extreme difference especially if you have been running a 7200RPM hard drive previously. I tend toward a faster drive for this.

Western Digital Data Recovery WD1001FALS 1Tb

They do sell a version of this drive that is high performance and if you are buying the drive to boost your system then look in to the Western Digital 1TB BLACK. I was reading around the internet about the drives and I noticed a lot of people really upset with Western Digital over the Green WD10EARS because of speed issues and lack luster performance.

I have included a comparison chart of what specifications are IMPORTANT to pay attention to when you’re looking to buy an upgraded HDD.

Interface SATA 3 SATA 3
Buffer Size 64MB 32MB
RPM 5400 7200
Price: (est) 65.00 85.00

So as we see only major difference is the RPMs 7200 is fast yet safe. Some of those 10k RPM drives had some real problems so I would stick with a tested, solid speed.

For me personally for the additional 20 dollars I have to pick the WD 1tb Black. I really don’t like green technology for my hard drive.

The reason being that hard drives work like a car engine you want to run them all the time, and to me it seems odd to be going in that low voltage mode and then spinning back up this can cause serious Western Digital data recovery problems.


2 Responses to “Western Digital Data Recovery – 1Tb Hard Drive Comparison”

  1. Oblivion September 19, 2012 3:26 am #

    Even using the Black 1TB HDD ,at 7200RPM and if you heavily and daily use the 1TB, you will a BIG difference between using an 1TB and lets say 500GB at same RPM speed,yet the loading of the 1TB would feel heavier and slower and might be a big logical mess if you want to do data recovery for it.
    Just felt the need to add this, because people think they will get the 1TB as fast as the 500GB.

  2. manu November 1, 2012 11:58 am #

    sending me

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