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RAID Recovery – Mounting an Array That is Down

RAID Recovery Mounting the ArrayIt is a matter of practice that most RAID recoveries involve simply piecing together the components of a particular RAID configuration to allow for the export or copying of all the data from the damaged or degraded RAID onto more reliable media. Whether it be a RAID 5, RAID 0, or RAID 10 it is the normal data recovery drill to simply get the data off and back onto a newly configured and outfitted RAID. There are other RAID recovery circumstances that are becoming more frequent, where simply copying the data back onto a freshly configured RAID will not suffice. It may be deemed necessary by the client to get the server back online in its original state. There are several reasons for this occurrence and the following are just a few.

  • There are occasions where the configuring of a new system may be so laborious, so time intensive, that it would be better to try and get the RAID to come back online. In addition to the amount of man hours to recreate the same system there are also accuracy considerations. User’s configuration and their passwords is one instance where it is possible that data could be either forgotten or inaccurate. In a situation such as this, the RAID should be brought online in its original state.
  • A great deal of the systems that need a full restore, are very old. There are software and data considerations that need to be addressed as many of the applications are either no longer available or no longer supported. Although the client should have updated the software as well as the hardware now is not the time to point fingers. It is up to the tech to create a situation that will allow for the integration of the original RAID and its data in order to forgo any long and involved software and hardware upgrade.
  • Finally, the main reason that a client may want to get the RAID back online is time. Many of the RAIDs handled by DTI Data are tied to business owners whose entire day to day workings are on this server. Each second that tics by is a slow and steady loss of income which needs to be halted as soon as possible. It is in the ultimate best interest of the client as well as the RAID recovery firm to make sure that this type of client gets back online as soon as possible. The livelihood of the recovery company and employees lie in the balance.

Ultimately each RAID recovery should be taken on a case by case basis and it should first be evaluated to determine the safest way to recover the data.

Secondly, after the data has been safely recovered, the other options may be explored to bring the client back online. As always, data recovery first, then functionality second, do not ever sacrifice time or accuracy simply to get a client back online in a hurry.

DTI Data not only offers full RAID recovery services, but we also offer full data integration to get your data back into your business or enterprise venture. DTI Data is a full service data recovery company that not only has technicians skilled in the art of data recovery and acquisition but is staffed with programmers, data and network specialists, as well as a vast array of application and database knowledge spanning thirty years. Yes, DTI Data can get your data back for you from your down RAID and we can get you back online.


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