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Seagate Momentus Hard Drive Recovery Review

The Seagate Momentus® 5400.4 hard drive recovery review.
At the end of January, Seagate started shipping the much talked about Momentus® 5400.4 hard drive. This drive is the newest in a line of laptop hard drives they have been developing. It uses a second-generation perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology. Which means instead of storing the data in conventional ‘longitudinal’ magnetic recording, in which the bits are directed circumferentially along the track direction, they are storing them perpendicular pointing up and down to the track.

What is good about this is the ability to get much higher storage as they can stack the data. On a laptop hard drive that means huge storage capacity never before seen. The 5400.4 is a 250 gig hard drive using SATA 300 and running at 5400 rpm. I did a lot of reading about this drive and really haven’t been able to find anything positive or negative about it. It is mass shipping to laptop manufacturers and I will update the status as soon as it is in the hands of the masses. Let us know if you have any questions about hard drive recovery by leaving a comment in this post.

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